Sunrise Freight Systems provides transportation services between Ontario, Montreal, and the Maritimes, and the Midwest: Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, Wisconsin

Full Menu of Freight Management

Sunrise Freight Systems is a full service, cross border transportation company, providing a full array of transportation services.   We complement our domestic and cross border truckload services with a full menu of freight management services that increase our capabilities and capacity across North America.

Expedited Shipments

With Sunrise Freight Systems, you get your shipment delivered on time and within budget. We have the service, experience, resources, facilities and certifications needed to expedite your cross-border shipments and keep your business on track!

Connecting to the US Midwest

We offer both asset and non asset-based services for Central and Eastern Canada and the Midwest. From Michigan and Minnesota through to Texas. From Ontario through to the Maritimes. We provide you the transportation services you need for your business success.

Shipment Visibility a Priority

Our organization values efficiency and we invest in the technology needed enhance communications and increase the ease with which our clients can do business with Sunrise Freight Systems.

We are results driven and committed to meeting your unique requirements. Contact Us Today!